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Our clients enjoy a cost effective fleet and fuel management system based on GPS tracking hardware and subscription based software.


01. Ultimate Vehicle Tracking

We understand the importance of security of your asset or vehicle thus we bring you Ultimate Vehicle tracking.


02. Ultimate Fleet Management

We bring you cost saving at the touch of your smart phone monitor all your assets or vehicles in and out of Uganda.


03. Ultimate Fuel Monitoring

Fuel is a big expense to your company and can cause one big losses why not let us handle your fuel monitoring with just one….


04. Ultimate CCTV Installations

Ultimate CCTV cameras are installed at your premises this can be your home, school or workstation to help provide that extra layer of unforeseen security.


With over 4+ years of experience and technicality


Ultimate Tracking Limited provides dedicated customer support services with a 24/7 help desk and free system upgrades.


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    Our fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking Solutions inclusive of costs are customized according to each client’s requirements ensuring value for money!

    Web based & Mobile App tracking platforms enabling home ,office or on-the-go vehicle monitoring.


    Ultimate tracking Ltd. is a fully registered and licensed company in the Republic of Uganda with an experienced team with over 5 years in fleet management systems and IT based solutions for both individual and organizational needs across Uganda. However we plan to cover the rest of Africa..

    • Real time location of your vehicle
    • Trip Playback
    • Alerts and notification on speed, boarder exit
    • Log service details, repairs
    • Using Mobile App or Website
    • Remote engine stop restore
    • Report on trips , mileage , speed
    • User Training & Customer Support

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