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We are here to help thus we bring you our Frequently asked Questions. If you can not find help here, please feel free to reach us by email or direct calls.

How much are tracking services?

Our prices for tracking vary from asset to asset meaning that we need to first know what we are going to track and present to you a cost friendly tracking price

Can i get your services outside Uganda

We are not registered to work outside Uganda however we soon plan to extend our services to neighbouring East African Community Countries

Can i track my assest outside Uganda

Yes you can track your asset from any corner of the world as so long as you have a working internet connection. You can either use our mobile app that we install on your smart phone or log onto our web portal online htps://

Is Ultimate tracking registered?

Ultimate Tracking is fully registered as Ultimate Tracking Limited registration number 80020001654110 and TIN 1015745597. For more info on our registration status please feel free to contact us

Where are we located

We are located in Bukoto on Namuli Road Block H, Plot 722. However if you need directions call us too we can also help you get to our offices hassle free. Alternatively you can click on the location icon at the top of our website and it shall give you a google pin direct to our office

Can i get a free trial before i purchase?

Yes we can make an arrangement after understanding your business requirements

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